Monday, January 16, 2017

Barnwood Teardrop Trailer for Sale

If you don't mind looking like the Clampetts while you're camping, this handmade barn wood teardrop trailer will be perfect. Made from barn wood, nicely aged galvanized metal and reclaimed pipe, this teardrop only comes in at 1,000 lb. You gotta love those feed bucket fenders.

It has a basic bed area with storage at the foot and head and a basic galley with cabinets, but no stove or sink. This teardrop is for sale in the Sacramento, California area for $4,800.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Featured Teardrop: Perkgana

Some teardrop owners or soon-to-be owners are willing to pay a fair amount of money for a custom designed teardrop trailer. With the Perkgana teardrops by designer Mauricio Narvarte of Utah, you won't have to mortgage your house for your teardrop. His beautiful designs start at around $5,690 and Perkgana even has DIY kits available for only $3,890.

The Perkgana teardrops include the 8x5, 1,100 lb. L'escargot and the 7 foot by 48 inch, 550 lb. Hedgehog. L'escargot comes with a full electrical package in the galley and interior, a cargo basket, two doors and a queen mattress. The smaller Hedgehog comes with a single door and window, 14 inch tires and a simple interior. If you need a little more space and clearance, the Hedgehog XC is 60 inches wide and comes with a cargo box, 15 inch tires, a 5 inch foam mattress and LED underbody lights.

The Perkgana DIY kit includes everything you need to build your camper (excluding the Northern Tool trailer). Two models are available (a 48 inch wide body or a 60 inch wide body) and all parts are precut and pilot holes are provided. No cutting or measuring is required and all you need are a few hand tools.

Photos by Perkgana

Thursday, December 22, 2016

December Cool Tears Magazine

The December issue of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers is now available online. This issue features the awesome Rockin' Raisin by Mike and Casie Bazay that has room for their whole family. Other stories feature the Tiny Camper Company and a teardrop that celebrates the University of Michigan.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Featured Teardrop: PeeWee Campers

PeeWee Campers calls their designs the “21st Century” teardrop trailer for several reasons. The little campers don’t have the classic rounded rear for the galley which adds more interior room; they are lightweight without sacrificing quality or heavy-duty framing; and the outer skin is made of 1/8 inch Aluminum Composite Panels that include a solid polyethylene core. The result is a sturdy, but maneuverable trailer that can fit a full kitchen and two people.

The campers start at $8,499 for the Half Pint teardrop camper. This camper has a quite a lot of features including a deep cycle battery, 1 3/4 insulated side walls, roof vent, two mattresses, under floor storage and 15 inch wheels. The galley includes upper and lower cabinets, a countertop, two galley lights and a 12 volt receptacle. The Half Pint can be ordered without the galley, mattresses and side door for $6,799. PeeWee Campers also sells a Toy Hauler Cargo Trailer for $7,699.

The PeeWee Camper options are huge. You can choose from various exterior colors, custom graphics, tongue boxes, roof racks, solar power, rubber flooring, refrigerator, sink and cooler. You can also have a 2,000 watt generator installed on the tongue.

PeeWee Campers offers free delivery within a 1,000 radius of their factory in College Grove, Tennessee.

Photos by PeeWee Campers

Monday, December 5, 2016

November Cool Tears Magazine

The November 2016 issue of Cool Tears & Tiny Campers is now available online or or as a print copy. You can read all about Bob Aisenbrey's "Tuff Dog" overland camper and a beautiful wooden canoe and teardrop set by Corey Loeffelholz.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Teardrop Photo

This summer I was at Great Basin National Park when the Strawberry Fire broke out. My campground, the Lower Lehman campground was fine, but the campground next door was evacuated and during the fire one firefighter lost his life. It was a little unnerving to go to sleep in the trailer with a fire raging just one hill over.

Monday, November 28, 2016

5 Best Portable Potties for a Teardrop Trailer

Probably the most often asked question of teardroppers is, “Where’s the bathroom in this thing?” Well, larger RV owner, us teardroppers don’t usually have the luxury of a flush toilet in our little trailers, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have a nice toilet experience.

While my husband and I primarily use public or campground toilets on our teardrop travels, I have seen a wide range of portable toilets that are usually tucked into a shelter right next to a teardrop trailer. There’s no need to suffer when teardrop camping with these five portable potties that are lightweight and affordable. Of course you could always make your own like SoCal Overland did.

Kampa is actually a company based in the UK, but they have one of the most streamlined and handy camping toilets around. The comfy seat will fit any tush and there is no risk of tipping with its wide base. It has an interior water container that you take to to a public toilet to empty. It’s handy toilet paper holder hangs on the site. This toilet also won’t break the bank.

I like portable toilets that don’t look like portable toilets. The Hassock by Reliance looks more like a bucket, but has some nice features. First, it has a contoured seat that feels like a real toilet; second it has a removable inner bucket that makes thing easier to clean. You use Double Doodie bags with this toilet and it also comes with a free sample of Bio-Blue toilet deodorant. The handy lid also has a toilet paper holder.

This toilet not only pops up conveniently from a handy holder, but it comes in several different colors: blue, yellow and camo. The Turbo Toilet by Blackpine can support up to 330 lb. and includes 12 biodegradable waste bags and 12 odor control powder packets that can absorb up to two liters of liquid waste.

The Cleanwaste is a handy toilet that unfolds to reveal a comfy seat and a backrest, all on a sturdy set of legs. Waste is held in a waste bag that uses enzymes, so you will need to buy and pack several bag kits. However, this toilet is said to support up to 500 lb.

If you want to spend a little more money for some luxury, the Thetford Curve is a stylish option. This odorless portable toilet has battery powered flush controls and a holding tank that you don’t have to access or even see until it's ready to be emptied. It only weighs about 10 lb. when empty and has a handy carrying handle.

Top photo by SoCal Overland